Smart & Armored

Smart people who manufacture Smart armored Trucks…

Of course, all our trucks are armored, what makes us unique is the SMART factor we add to all our trucks, making them intelligent, controlling how they are operated, ensuring operations methods are strictly followed, guaranteeing better security for the crew and their cargo. We design safer armored trucks.

With efficiency as our first priority, all of our ground-breaking concepts are developed with one idea in mind: building smart and rugged armored Trucks that will last and provide maximum protection, for your crew and their cargo, day in and day out. We believe that our smart armored Trucks exceed all standards of excellence; in fact Cambli is recognised as the reference in the industry.

  • 2 top-of-the-line manufacturing facilities
  • 50 years of expertise and success in the armored truck industry
  • More armored Truck manufactured than any other manufacturer
  • 3D Cad Stations and qualified staff to operate them
  • 3D design and payload analysis
  • State of the art 6000 Watts Laser cutting and CNC bending machines.
  • In-house harnesses and electronics manufacturing for cutting edge design and increased security.
  • Custom design armored Trucks for your type of operation
  • Smart technologies including multiple security layers, biometrics, Keyless entry, smart locker systems, real time tracking systems, mobile digital video recorder and more.
  • Technical support for the life of your Cambli armored truck
  • LIFETIME phone technical support. (:1-888-358-4920)
  • Parts and support for non-Cambli and Cambli trucks.(
  • Flying Technicians to teach, troubleshoot, and repair your truck if you don’t have the appropriate resources
  • Training for your technicians
  • Extensive secured online parts catalogue