Armored trucks

A wide variety of models and layouts of Armored Trucks tailored to maximize employee protection and profitability

With more than 26 Armored truck(Armoured truck) models in our line-up from 9 000 lbs to 64 000 lbs of GVWR we certainly have a model that fits your needs. Each of our truck models is available with an infinite number of interior layouts. Each layout is designed to suit your operation and to add several layers of protection to the cargo making our truck the most secure of the CIT Industry. Cambli Group has the largest design department in the industry. We can custom design your truck exactly how you want it. Browse through our models and drop us a line. We will be happy to take the time to discuss YOUR needs.

Please note that truck layouts and level of protection are not disclosed in our website as to ensure the protection of our present and future customers. Beware of companies divulging this kind of information on the internet.